I love your macaron website. I love cooking desserts and would love to try to make these great looking macarons. I have a simple question. Where did you get the Totoro Macarons? If you made them do you have the recipe? Take care and have a great week!

Thank you so much! :) 
I believe my last post answers this question, too. I’m sorry I don’t have a tutorial for these. You can read my recipe, but it’s in spanish
If you’ve never made macarons, I would recommend This Recipe by eat.live.travel.write

Keep in mind that making macarons at home is extremely difficult and requires a lot of practice and patience. Don’t give up if your first batches don’t come out perfect, just keep practicing and eventually you’ll get it right.

Good luck!

The totoro macarons are lovely. Would you mind posting a tutorial? Lol, Coupe-feti is in Japanese and unfortunately, I can't read it. :P

Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have a tutorial, but here’s the guide I followed from raspberricupcake’s kitty macarons

If you’re already familiar with making macarons, it’s quite easy: you just pour a little bit more macaron mix for the ears with a tiny spoon, you can shape it with a toothpick immediately after pouring it. 

I made the decorations using melted chocolate and a very tiny nozzle.

Good luck!